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“World Health Day 2024: Time to Move from Awareness to Action”

    This year’s World Health Day, themed ‘My health, my right’ reminds us of the global challenges we face, from diseases and disasters to conflicts and air pollution. It’s a call to action, urging us to translate awareness into tangible change. While many nations recognise health as a fundamental human right, over 4.5 billion people still lack full access to essential health services. This underscores the pressing need for legislative action and practical implementation to ensure healthcare access for all.

    This year, CPE stands firm in its commitment to advancing cancer care accessibility across Europe. We believe that access to innovative cancer care and early detection isn’t a privilege but a basic human right. Yet, despite the strides we’ve made, disparities persist, leaving too many without the care they need.

    That’s why our organisation is dedicated to confronting these inequalities head-on. We’re actively advocating for policies and initiatives that prioritise equitable access to cancer care for every individual in Europe regardless of background and location. By working closely with policymakers and collaborating with academia, healthcare providers, the industry, and other stakeholders, we’re forging pathways to ensure that no one is left behind in their journey.

    Central to our approach is empowering patients to become active participants in their care. Through surveys and engagement initiatives, we’re gathering invaluable insights to understand patient experiences and needs better. Moreover, we’re focusing on addressing the challenges posed by difficult and rare cancers, where awareness and access to treatments are often limited. In this process, we work side by side with our expert committees to raise awareness, improve access to cutting-edge treatments, and enhance diagnostic capabilities.

    Only by mobilising all stakeholders and embracing patient-centric approaches, we can overcome these challenges. Together, we can build a future where equitable cancer care isn’t a privilege but a reality for all. Join us in turning awareness into action and making 2024 the year of tangible progress towards equitable cancer care for all.