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Vibrant discussions at the Spanish Ministry of Health

    The Spanish tobacco control unit and experts convened in Madrid on the 22nd of March, to revise the tobacco control law. During this high-level meeting, CPE’s chair, Francisco Lozano highlighted the urgency of implementing stricter and comprehensive measures in Spain and throughout Europe. Inspired by Sweden’s example, Lozano proposed banning smoking in terraces and other spaces, with Spain being the next trailblazer in Europe.

    The Spanish Ministry of Health is considering implementing key measures as part of the Comprehensive Plan on Tobacco Control:

    • Increasing tobacco prices to reduce consumption
    • Facilitate smoking cessation for people who want to quit
    • Establishment of more smoke-free areas like sports facilities and terraces
    • The allocation of additional funding for tobacco control research
    • More stringent measures for related and emerging tobacco products

    Next to cancer prevention, CPE remains committed to making tobacco control a top priority across Europe. We believe that every step we take towards implementing comprehensive tobacco control not only saves lives but also builds healthier communities!