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    Why it matters

    The main goal of the ThermoBreast project is to deliver an innovative, non-contact, and harmless screening modality: a medical class 1 device set to change the course of breast cancer detection and patient monitoring.

    Although the performance of thermography has been evaluated for breast cancer detection since the 1980s, the unavailability and high cost of sensitive thermal cameras, the non-fixed thermal image acquisition protocol, and the sub-jectivity of manual thermal map interpretation by doctors have hampered its use for breast cancer screening.

    ThermoBreast is a new screening technology that combines new, highly sensitive, and affordable infrared cameras that can detect temperature differences up to 0.02°C with recently developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) by ThermoMind LTD to efficiently analyse dynamic thermal patterns over time and detect vascular abnormalities caused by malignancy. This novel approach is a unique opportunity to unlock the potential of dynamic thermography combined with advanced AI analysis for breast cancer detection and diagnosis and develop next-generation breast cancer screening technology for early, risk-free, and accurate detection and prevention of cancer in millions of women in Europe and beyond.


    CPE’s role in the project

    CPE ensures the involvement of patients at different stages (prevention/monitoring) and needs:

    – Elucidation of patient needs

    – Analysis of ethical, and social aspects applicable to ThermoBreast

    – Communication

    – Dissemination

    In detail CPE:

    – Collects stakeholder requirements, recommendations, and policy expectations in workshops and surveys

    – Gathers end-user perspectives, i.e., from patients with surveys and focus groups.

    – Prepares a White Paper, which will include recommendations on future guidelines and international regulations based on results from the

    clinical validation.

    – Organises the final event at the European Parliament

    – Explores the required explainability of the ThermoBreast screening process and modality to enable a trustworthy solution. Create (user

    journey) scenarios with personas (one for each relevant stakeholder group represented by CPE)

    – Raises awareness of and gains interest in the project using CPEs and other participants’ established networks and social media channels

    – Prepares regular newsletters and press releases.

    – Distributes printed materials to the project stakeholders

    ThermoMind LTD

    accelopment Schweiz AG

    Technion, Faculty of Computer Science

    TU Munich, Chair of Biological Imaging

    University Medical Center Groningen, Department of Health Sciences

    Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Studies in Media, Inno-vation, and Technology

    Cancer Patients Europe

    Hadassah Medical Center, Sharett Institute of Oncology.

    Institut Gustav Roussy, Department of Medical Im-aging

    Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kaunas Clinics, Departments of Oncology and Hematology and Radiology

    Sheba Medical Center, Suzanne Levy-Gertner On-cogenetics Unit Prof. Dr. Eitan Fredman

    University College Cork, Regional Cancer Centre

    University Hospital Heidelberg, Department of Ob-stenetrics and Gynecology

    Univerzitetni Klinicni Center Maribor, Department of Oncology

    University of Oxford, Department of Oncology

    Type of Action

    HORIZON-MISS-2021-CANCER-02-01: Develop new methods and technologies for cancer screening and early detection


    12.12 million euros

    Project duration

    4 years

    Lead Coordinator or Main Proposer

    ThermoMind LTD