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QUALITOP Workshop & Conference to be Hosted in Amsterdam

    The consortium of the QUALITOP project, of which CPE is a proud member, is thrilled to announce an upcoming Workshop and Conference, set to take place in Amsterdam on 26 June. This event presents a unique opportunity for participants to engage in discussions surrounding our project and get informed about the latest advancements in the field of precision oncology and immunotherapy. The workshop centres on the sustainability of the project followed by a conference showcasing insights from the clinical trials and significant results.

    The Workshop will provide an engaging platform where participants can discuss the challenges and opportunities faced during the project and further development in the inclusion of the patients. Attendees will have the chance to interact and discuss the findings of QUALITOP that could be applied across a variety of initiatives and projects. Additionally, the workshop will explore funding possibilities to ensure long-term project sustainability and to foresee the possibilities for improving the inclusion of the patients in our project. The aim is to foster a cooperative atmosphere where participants can gain valuable knowledge and skills to address sustainability issues within their respective fields.

    Following the Workshop, the Conference will present the key results and research findings of the QUALITOP project. Highlights include presentations on our innovative smart medical digital platform, sessions on research into quality-of-life indicators for cancer patients, and insights into improving the quality of life for patients undergoing cancer immunotherapy. Alongside these presentations, there will be ample networking opportunities, allowing attendees to connect with experts, patient advocates, and stakeholders from various sectors.

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    For more details visit QUALITOP’s website.


    By integrating into the consortium, CPE positively impacts Qualitop’s mission to improve the well-being of cancer immunotherapy patients and their quality of life.

    Read more about CPE’s role in the QUALITOP project here.