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PREVENT’s Third Plenary Meeting

    CPE’s Policy Officer Josephine Mosset and the Communications Officers, Joana Kokalari and Tristan Hanssen, traveled to Stockholm, Sweden for the third plenary meeting of the PREVENT EU project. The event brought together partners from across Europe to discuss the project’s progress and plan the next steps.

    The meeting started with a detailed overview of the project’s key achievements, setting the foundation for the discussions that followed. Updates were also given on the development of metrics to assess new primary interventions and engagement policies, highlighting the project’s commitment to effective, measurable solutions. Detailed discussions on workshop outcomes included innovative strategies for preventing childhood obesity, engaging policy design, and improving access to healthy food and physical activities.

    Partners from Catalonia, Greece, and Sweden presented interventions, emphasising increased consumption of fruits and whole grains in schools while avoiding processed foods.

    Another highlight of the event, was the introduction of a new digital platform to enhance user well-being, focusing on nutrition, physical activity, mental well-being, and sleeping patterns. This tool marks significant progress in promoting a holistic approach to health.

    The meeting emphasised the need for integrated efforts across education, health, social protection, and water and sanitation sectors to combat childhood obesity effectively. Before closing the meeting, the partners discussed the next steps and began planning the upcoming activities for spring 2025.

    As an active member of the PREVENT project, CPE offers its expertise to support ongoing outreach efforts and bring the patient’s voice. Learn more about CPE’s role in the PREVENT EU project.