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Participate now in the ThermoBreast Survey

    Does a mammogram hurt? Will a biopsy scar be noticeable? How often should I get a breast cancer screening?

    The EU-funded project ThermoBreast is inviting women over 18 years old to participate in a survey to share their experiences, feelings, and opinions about breast cancer screenings.

    The ThermoBreast project is dedicated to developing a new non-invasive, non-contact, and radiation–free screening technology for early breast cancer detection and diagnosis.

    Joining the survey is a great opportunity to contribute to the future of painless and stress-free breast screenings. Make your voice heard!

    To participate, follow this link


    * The survey is available in English, Italian, Dutch, German, Lithuanian and Slovenian.

    ThermoBreast is a 4-year EU-funded project involving a multidisciplinary consortium of 19 international partners from 11 countries. It aims to contribute to the European Union’s Mission on Cancer and Beating Cancer Plan, striving to drastically improve the prevention, diagnosis and monitoring of breast cancer, as well as reduce the burden on female patients, their families, healthcare professionals, and all others affected by breast cancer directly or indirectly. ThermoBreast’s imaging technology includes a non-contact and cost-efficient screening, that is applicable to women of any age and breast density, aiming to detect the disease at its earliest stages.

    Visit the ThermoBreast website and learn more about the project –