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Interceptor Working Group Meeting and Workshop

    CPE will take part in the two-day working group meeting and workshop that is set for April 29 and 30, 2024, in Milan, Italy, as an active participant in the INTERCEPTOR project.

    The conference will centre on clinical and preclinical research on oral potentially malignant disorders (OPMD) as well as disease management. Working group sessions on standardising the clinical and pathological features of OPMD, developing eHealth tools for patient monitoring, and promoting preclinical and clinical research will be included in this meeting, which aims to address the problem of unmet oral cancer prevention.

    Furthermore, a workshop focusing on spatial biology and pathology will be conducted to investigate novel developments in the field of cancer.

    Our CEO, Antonella Cardone, and Communications Officer Tristan Hanssen will lead a world café exercise to start mapping the relevant stakeholders in the field of OPMDs.

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