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    The goal of the GLIOMATCH project is to enhance the clinical outcome of patients with Paediatric High-grade Glioma (pHGG) and Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), by facilitating immunology-based patient stratification, which will enable tailored immunotherapy matching and enhance the monitoring of clinical responses to both established and novel therapeutics. This will be accomplished by combining non-invasive MRI images with spatially resolved multi-layered tissue maps that have been created through integrated single-cell multiomics.

    This integration will power a novel MRI Radio-multiomics hub that clinical professionals will have access to, enabling them to perform personalized therapy matching and tumour-host-based patient stratification, as well as interpret treatment efficacy and longitudinal follow-up. The largest cohort of immuno-oncology (I/O) treated GBM/pHGG patients will be analysed, along with matched controls and exceptionally long-term surviving GBM patients, to develop the proposed data-driven models. Different tumour-host niches will be examined to better understand how they respond to I/O perturbations and enhance clinical outcomes.

    The implementation of a European Initiative to Understand Cancer (UNCAN-compatible) data lake will facilitate the process by enabling the use of incremental data collection to enhance the machine-learning models and suggest innovative treatment options.

    This project helps to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 3 and 4 of the UN.

    Erasmus Universitair Medisch Centrum Rotterdam, NL

    Universiteit Maastricht, NL

    Oslo Universitetssykehus HF, NO

    Sant Joan de Deu Research Foundation, ES

    Hospital Sant Joan De Deu, ES

    The Health Corporation – Rambam, IL

    Heinrich-Heine Universitaet Duesseldorf, DE

    Fondazione IRCCS Instituto Neurologico “Carlo Besta”, IT

    Uppsala Universitet, SE

    Aspect Analytics NV, BE

    Cancer Patients Europe, BE

    Timelex, BE

    The University of Edinburgh, UK

    accelopment Schweiz AG, CH

    Type of Action



    12.59 million euro

    Project duration

    01.01.2024 – 31.12.2028

    Lead Coordinator or Main Proposer

    Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, BE

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