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Home » CPE’s Chair of the Board Receives Prestigious Award on World No Tobacco Day 2024

CPE’s Chair of the Board Receives Prestigious Award on World No Tobacco Day 2024

    The 2024 WNTD Awards

    CPE is thrilled to announce that our Chair of the Board, Francisco Lozano, has been honoured by the WHO with the 2024 WNTD Award.

    The 31st of May marks World No Tobacco Day (WNTD), a World Health Organization (WHO) – led initiative with a global impact to remind of the dangers of tobacco use. This year’s campaign focused on “Protecting children from tobacco industry interference”, a crucial issue considering that about 37 million adolescents aged 13-15 worldwide use some form of tobacco.

    In recognition of their outstanding contributions to the fight against tobacco, the 2024 WNTD awarded remarkable individuals and organizations from the WHO European Region. These awardees have been at the forefront of efforts by exposing deceptive marketing tactics targeting youth, pushing for stricter regulations on e-cigarettes and nicotine products, and by actively engaging in public health advocacy.

    Francisco Lozano received the award for his dedication to preventing tobacco use, especially among young people for over two decades. His work spans local, national, and international levels, having served as President of the National Tobacco Prevention Committee in Spain and the European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention.

    Francisco Lozano has led several advocacy campaigns against misleading tobacco industry promotion tactics in the Canary Islands, his home region, and in Europe. This award highlights Francisco Lozano’s tireless efforts for a tobacco-free Europe and his key role in global tobacco prevention.

    In accepting the award, Dr. Lozano emphasized the importance of working together, saying, “We need to join forces for stricter measures and policy actions to help us move towards a smoke-free future for future generations”.