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Home » CPE and GAMIAN-Europe release the “Empower and Connect” Toolkit to increase awareness on cancer and depression.

CPE and GAMIAN-Europe release the “Empower and Connect” Toolkit to increase awareness on cancer and depression.

    The emotional and psychological toll of a cancer diagnosis can be as challenging as the physical aspects of the disease. Cancer patients are often confronted with feelings of anxiety, fear, and depression, making mental health support an essential component of comprehensive cancer care. Addressing mental health needs can significantly improve patients’ quality of life, aid in their ability to cope with the disease, and potentially enhance treatment outcomes.

    In the framework of the European Week Against Cancer (EWAC) 2024, Cancer Patients Europe and GAMIAN-Europe have partnered to raise awareness about cancer and depression. Together, we have developed a comprehensive tool titled “Empower and Connect: A Toolkit for Managing Co-Occurring Cancer and Depression Across Europe”. This initiative highlights the necessity of supporting cancer patients who face this dual challenge.

    Key Features of the Toolkit Include:

    • Recovery is Possible: Emphasising that depression is treatable through psychological support and medication tailored to individual needs.
    • Utilise Social Support: Encouraging the use of support from friends, family, and community networks, which can significantly enhance emotional well-being.
    • Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle: Suggestions for improving overall health to mitigate depression symptoms, including tips on sleep, diet, and exercise.
    • Seek Help in Emergencies: Urging those with suicidal thoughts or urges to harm themselves to seek immediate help from professionals or emergency services.

    The toolkit is designed to be a comprehensive resource covering a variety of topics crucial for understanding and managing cancer and depression, and it outlines the factors contributing to the development of depression, highlighting the warning signs, and offering effective coping strategies. Moreover, it provides access to supportive resources, helping patients feel less isolated and more equipped to handle their challenges.


    Access the Toolkit


    Click to Download (PDF)


    This initiative aims to empower patients, by providing practical tools and fostering a sense of community, as they navigate the complex landscape of cancer diagnosis and depression. We encourage you to follow us on social media, participate in the discussions, and share these resources within your network.