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Improving and upscaling primary prevention of cancer by addressing childhood obesity through implementation research - the PREVENT approach Why it matters PREVENT improves upscaling of primary interventions for weight control management during childhood and adolescence to reduce cancer risks in adulthood. This relies on current evidence that relates excess body weight with increased cancer risk.... Read More »PREVENT


Why it matters The main goal of the ThermoBreast project is to deliver an innovative, non-contact, and harmless screening modality: a medical class 1 device set to change the course of breast cancer detection and patient monitoring. Although the performance of thermography has been evaluated for breast cancer detection since the 1980s, the unavailability and... Read More »THERMOBREAST

INTERCEPTOR – INTercEption of oRal CancEr develoPmenT

Why it matters The INTERCEPTOR project addresses the challenge of unmet oral cancer prevention and brings a new paradigm to disease management of oral potentially malignant disorders (OPMD). Relying on excellent translational research, patient care and education in Europe (EU) in the field of cancer medicine, INTERCEPTOR will develop future strategies for personalized OPMD preventive... Read More »INTERCEPTOR – INTercEption of oRal CancEr develoPmenT