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Become a member

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of CPE!

Any not-for-profit organisations, groups, or individuals working for the benefit of cancer patients, wishing to become a member of the association shall address their request to the CPE Board by filling in the following form.

The benefits, rights, and obligations of membership are set forth in the articles of association you can access here.

There are two types of membership:

– FULL MEMBER: they have voting rights at the general assembly. They can be national cancer patient umbrella organisation based in geographical Europe or cancer patients organisations with specific features (article 5.1 of the Statute).

– ASSOCIATE MEMBER: they do not have voting rights at the general assembly. They can be cancer patients organisation not included in the previous case, groups or individuals (article 5.2 of the Statute).

Please refer also to article 5.3 of the Statute for further definitions.

CPE Secretariat is available for further information at

Choose the type of membership you would like to sign/join


ASSOCIATE MEMBER (organization/group)