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8th March International Women’s Day

    In a tribute to the strength and resilience of women worldwide, today marks a celebration of their indomitable spirit. A special acknowledgment goes out to all the extraordinary women courageously confronting cancer – their bravery is a source of inspiration for us all.
    This International Women’s Day, our focus turns to the disparities in cancer care faced by women throughout Europe. Women, as patients, survivors, caregivers, and healthcare professionals, play pivotal roles in the ongoing struggle against cancer. Despite these contributions, persistent inequalities remain.
    Many women still struggle with barriers hindering their access to timely and high-quality cancer care. From the initial diagnosis to treatment, these disparities significantly impact survival rates and overall well-being.

    On this 8th of March let us acknowledge and honour the exceptional contributions and bravery of women in the field of oncology—whether they are affected by cancer, providing unwavering support to loved ones, or dedicating tireless efforts as healthcare professionals.

    CPE advocates for equal opportunities, improved healthcare access, and the establishment of support networks that empower women throughout their challenging journey. Addressing these disparities is a step towards a world where every woman receives the care and support she rightfully deserves.


    Our Board extends warm wishes on this International Women’s Day!